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Dela share your experience at: #silverhatten
Dela share your experience at: #silverhatten



IGLOOTEL to Arjeplog 2015


Now it is decided! Iglootel will be built in Arjeplog 2015. FlyCar and Silver Resort agree on a partnership where the parties jointly will build Iglootel. Formalities have been cleared last Thursday when Johan Sund (CEO Silverhatten Resort) and Daniel Knab (CEO IGLUTEL AB) signed the contract. Together we will provide a good product for as well the car industry and the leisure travelers. Both parties are very satisfied and look forward to this project.

Iglootel, a hotel built completely of snow, was built in 2013 in Abborrträsk and quickly created a big interest around the world. It has been a lot of speculations if the hotel will be built again and if so, where? Now the decision has been taken and the location of this hotel, will be Kraja in Arjeplog. The combination of Iglootel and the Silver Resort facilities offers a variety of new unique products. The car industry as well as several tour operators embraced the decision to see the Iglootel in the region of Arjeplog.

It is during the end of 2014 as FlyCar with Silver Resort start building the Iglootel. Johan Sund, CEO of Silver Resort, Rainer Dreher, owners FlyCar, Michel Fender, owner of FlyCar and Daniel Knaab, CEO of Iglootel, has now agreed on all the details of the project and the preparations are already in full swing.

Kraja is a place which is located approximately 1.5 kilometers from Arjeplogs center where the site is located, all indications are that this is the perfect place for Iglootel, water and electricity supply is easily accessible all over the area and the proximity to car industry is perfect.

Events like car presentations, meetings in special ambiance as well as festivities, dinners, viewings and romantic accommodations in icy surrounding are going to be offered and realized. Medium term, the concept idea around Abborträsk is held on and further extended. Infrastructure for power and water is essential for a project in this dimension.

-­ The fine product Iglootel will fit well into Arjeplogs beautiful surroundings. This is a huge step for us that we together will create this product in the heart of the car industry’s winter testing. We sincerely hope that more presentations will be placed in Arjeplog next winter. We also hope that this will bring more leisure travelers to Arjeplog especially on weekends. It is with pride and pleasure that we start this collaboration that brings many opportunities for us, FlyCar and whole Arjeplog, says Johan Sund, CEO of Silver Resort


Easter at Silverlodge


Silverlodge are opening for you!
The offer is valid 11th- 21th of April

Double room 1995:-/night

single room 1795:-/night

Silverlodge is right by the ski resort Galtis.

Read more about Galtis here HÄR

17 – 20/4 a dinner buffet are served. The dinner are included in the price. 

The dinner buffet are also served on weekends in April. Dinner is served between 18-22.
The villas

1 night  2500:-

3 nights 5000:-

6 nights 9000:-

Price including breakfast and cleaning.

Villa type 1:

5 rooms: 2 double rooms and 3 single rooms, a total of 7 beds. Kitchen and stove, fridge, freezer, shower, toilette and sauna.

Villa type 2:

3 rooms: 1 double room and 2 single rooms, a total of 4 beds. Kitchen and stove, fridge, freezer, shower, toilette, sauna and laundry room.

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Every Friday we have a special offer on salmon and plank steak!
149sek including a glas beer or wine
125sek including a non alcoholic beverage.

Served between 18.00 – 22.00

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